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The Story of the Corgi

The name for Dire Corgi Games stems from a misunderstanding with my wife while we were playing online. As GM, I was leading through an adventure. They were ready for the final fight of this particular dungeon. The tone was set. The monster was fierce!

A corby in a fantasy setting

Me: Roll Initiative!

Player 1: Can I roll a knowledge check to determine what we are fighting?

Me: Certainly. Roll a knowledge (local).

Player 1: 15. Do I know anything about our opponent?

Me: You have encountered a Dire Corby.


Wife: Wait. We are fighting a Dire Corgi?


A bit of silence ensued at this point. My wife and I didn’t realize immediately that we were not on the same page (she plays in a different room than I do when we play online). When it finally became apparent what she meant, I covered the virtual tabletop in a plethora of 10′ x 10′ corgis. The entire party died laughing.

Since that time, the Dire Corgi has become an inside joke among the seven of us. It only seemed natural to include the reference when I decided to begin publishing by myself again.