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Behind the scenes at DCG

Hey folks!  I’m eager when looking into our future.   I’m busy doing new layout for a few products there were originally under the D3 Adventures name, and Curtis is busy with some new products for February release dates!  And of course we are staying busy gaming!  If you want to get FREE stuff, be sure to go and watch for posts on our Facebook page for Dire Corgi Games.

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The Story of the Corgi

The name for Dire Corgi Games stems from a misunderstanding with my wife while we were playing online. As GM, I was leading through an adventure. They were ready for the final fight of this particular dungeon. The tone was set. The monster was fierce!

A corby in a fantasy setting

Me: Roll Initiative!

Player 1: Can I roll a knowledge check to determine what we are fighting?

Me: Certainly. Roll a knowledge (local).

Player 1: 15. Do I know anything about our opponent?

Me: You have encountered a Dire Corby.


Wife: Wait. We are fighting a Dire Corgi?


A bit of silence ensued at this point. My wife and I didn’t realize immediately that we were not on the same page (she plays in a different room than I do when we play online). When it finally became apparent what she meant, I covered the virtual tabletop in a plethora of 10′ x 10′ corgis. The entire party died laughing.

Since that time, the Dire Corgi has become an inside joke among the seven of us. It only seemed natural to include the reference when I decided to begin publishing by myself again.